Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle Photography is a style of photography that aims to tell the story of the subject in a true-to-life, yet artistic way. The philosophy used to create these types of portraits can vary by photographer. My method of capturing lifestyle photography is to pose my subjects and give some prompts, but then let my subjects interact as they normally would and capture those connections. My sessions are laid back, fun, and full of laughter and snuggles. And don’t worry, we always get that one traditional shot with everyone looking at the camera!

What should we wear?

What you wear is completely up to you! I generally don’t “style” my sessions as I feel the clothes my subjects wear should reflect their personalities. That said, here are a few tips to getting the most out of your sessions:

  • Coordinate everyone’s outfits but don’t match! This style of photography looks best when there is some variety in colors and styles of clothing.

  • Patterns are great, but make sure they compliment each other and be sure to incorporate some solids as well.

  • Try to stay away from logos, pictures, words, and other distracting elements on clothing. Those tend to pull attention away from the faces in the photographs.

  • Think about the environment in which the photographs will be taken. Will we be out in the desert? Try muted colors! Will we be in a grassy field? Try colors that look great with green! Will we be in your home? Look around at the colors you’ve decorated with, and try to compliment those colors with your clothing.

  • Lay out everyone’s outfits together on a neutral surface at least a day before your session and look at the colors and patterns as a whole. Do they tell a cohesive story?

  • Still not sure what to wear? Just ask me! I’d be happy to work with you to choose between outfits or send you some examples.

Where should we have our pictures taken?

Phoenix and the surrounding area is full of surprisingly diverse locations for photographs. It’s not just cactus and mountains out there! When you book with me, we will discuss options for locations and I will do my very best to ensure that what you are envisioning in your head will be what the final images look like.

What will our session be like?

In a word, fun! The last thing I want is for my sessions to be stressful. I feel like this shows in the resulting pictures. While I do move quickly during my sessions, especially when young children are involved, I try to keep them as relaxed and laid back as possible. Does your 3-year-old want to run and dance instead of snuggling and smiling? No problem! Let’s run and dance together (and photograph that beautiful movement) until she’s ready to settle down for a couple of minutes. Would your 14-year-old prefer to be doing just about anything other than fake smiling for some stranger with a camera? That’s okay! I never force anyone to smile if they don’t want to, but with a little luck and a few tried and true tricks I may just manage to get a natural grin out of him, despite himself. My ultimate goal is to capture people as they are at the moment they are in front of my camera. What would you prefer: a fake generic family photo that tells you nothing about the people in that image, or a snapshot of what everyone was like at that moment in time that will trigger memories for years to come?

Do you have any other questions that aren’t covered here?

Please contact me through my contact page or via email at I’d love to hear from you and would be thrilled to answer any other questions you may have.